Kent Razor Scrubber Saves Time at Chicago Montessori
Kent Razor 20 BT auto-scrubber helps create a "safe, clean school for the kids"

Kent Leasing Program
Get the cleaning equipment you or your customers need now and pay as its used.

Schools, hospitals, hotels, and building service contractors look to Kent for the best value in commercial cleaning. From microfiber specialty products to a highly maneuverable rider scrubber, Kent products are easy to learn, use, and maintain. Simple. Clean. That's the Kent solution.

Feature Story

The low-down on canister vacuums: How they stack up against uprights
May 10, 2006
Brian Simmons, Product Manager, Kent

Old habits die hard. Most of us in the United States were raised in houses that used upright vacuum cleaners.



Feature Bulletin

10 Steps to profitability: Using floor-cleaning equipment to help you reduce labor and overhead costs
August 26, 2005

Labor costs can be up to 90 percent of your total contracting business budget—and these costs can squeeze your profit margins. Once you’ve won a building services contract, you can’t increase it if your costs go up.


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