About Euroclean

Kent offers a complete line of commercial floor cleaning equipment ranging from the new Razor Blade rider scrubber to micro fiber and specialty products. Kent products are easy to learn, operate, and maneuver and are the best value in floor cleaning equipment.

Euroclean rounds out the Kent line offering a full complement of light duty commercial products including carpet extractors, upright and canister vacs, wet/dry vacs, floor machines, burnishers and specialty products.

Simple. Clean. And Green.
Kent and Euroclean brand products incorporate design features that meet green cleaning requirements. Recycled materials, safety features, noise abatement, air filtration, water/chemical reduction, ergonomics, and various certifications make our products environmentally friendly as well as easy to operate.

Part of the Nilfisk-Advance Group

The Kent and Euroclean brands are part of the Nilfisk-Advance Group, owned by NKT Holding in Denmark www.nkt.dk Nilfisk-Advance is the world’s leading supplier of professional cleaning equipment with over 3,800 employees worldwide and manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, USA, Singapore and China with sales of 700M EURO.

Vision, Strategy, and Values

Our Vision

  • To develop a No. 1 position and become the global leader of the professional cleaning equipment market
  • To provide our customers with best value and innovative products
  • To offer an attractive company to our employees

Our Strategy: Product driven with Customer focus

Customer focus
We focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectation with our products and offerings.

Product Driven
We believe that the product is the driving force of our business and we will develop products that are innovative and cost effective.

We believe in growth based on introducing new and high quality products and have as target a growth of 6% p.a. based on both organic growth and acquisitions. 

We believe that competent people are the basis for our continuous growth.  

Our Values

Total customer satisfaction developed through long term commitment and close relationships with our customers is key to the Nilfisk-Advance strategy.

Top quality products and services
that meet customer needs are key to maximizing the productivity of our customers and driving down their total cost to clean.

To improve the price/quality ratio and the availability
of our products and services we must continuously work to increase efficiency at all levels and in all areas of our organization and those of the suppliers 

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